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Ornella Volta:
Give a dog a bone - Some investigations into Erik Satie.- R.I.M.F., 1987.

Torsten Ekbom:
The third hearing: Judgement day for the composers. - Criticism passes, music lasts.

Matthew Shlomowitz:
Cage's Place In the Reception of Satie - the reception of Satie's music over the 20th century.

Robert Orledge:
Understanding Satie's 'Vexations' - An in-depth analysis, 2000.
Satie's Sarabandes and their importance to his composing career - Music & Letters, 1996.
Why and where Satie composed - chapter 2 of Satie the Composer, 1990.

Steven M Whiting:
Erik Satie and Vincent Hyspa: notes on a collaboration - Music & Letters, 1996.

Olof Höjer:
Erik Satie and the piano - his relation to the magic instrument.
"Le Gymnopédiste" - Erik Satie's piano compositions 1884-1890.

Stephen Whittington:
Serious Immobilities - on the centenary of Erik Satie's Vexations.

Thérèse Diamand Rosinsky:
Suzanne Valadon's portrait of Erik Satie - chapter 11 of Suzanne Valadon, 1994.