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------ Auction ended ------

Ornella Volta of Archives de la Fondation Erik Satie, Paris, also known as the author of many biographies of Erik Satie, asked me last year if I could try to sell some of their surplus material relating to Satie - programs, posters, postcards, various leaflets and books. These are rare material and in general very amusing and well illustrated. I gladly accepted. This is the fifth and last auction round. If, and only if, it will become a success, i.e. many biddings, we will continue offering more auction rounds, otherwise all the remaining items will be shipped back to the archives in Paris.

To be able to bid on these items you must register (no charge) at the respectable auction site eBay. It is free to bid on any item as eBay only charge sellers.

If you have any question or comment please contact:
Niclas Fogwall - email:,
address: Stinsgården 5, 245 63 Hjärup, Sweden.
Ornella Volta (Archives Erik Satie) - fax: 0033 1 42781518,
address: 56 rue des tournelles, 75003 Paris, France.

The items for sale

(click on each item to enlarge view)

Commémoration de la mort d'Erik Satie, 1929.
Opening bid: $40.
Original program of the memorial concert with the consecration of the Satie bust statue (later stolen and never found), Arceuil, June 30, 1929. 350x270 mm. Participants: Robert Caby, Darius Milhaud, Ricardo Viñes, Yvonne Bouchaud, Paul Kaul, Paulette Darty, Marya Freund, Maxime Jacob, Pierre-Daniel Templier, Henri Rousseau. Includes a photo of the statue. Very rare.

The copy available is in better quality than the one shown in these pictures! Also includes the advertisement leaflet about the memorial concert.

Erik Satie à Montmartre.
Opening bid: $10.
Musée de Montmartre, 1982. 210x150 mm. French, 40 pages, 24 illustrations.
Includes the following articles:
Ornella Volta - Satie sur la butte
Mariel Oberthür - Erik Satie et les cafés de Montmartre
Robert Caby: Une grande musique dans l'air léger de la butte Montmartre

Ornella Volta: Satie sur scène.
Opening bid: $20.
Musée Eugène Boudin, Honfleur, 2000. 230x240 mm.
French, 126 pages, many illustrations of high quality.

Satie et ses amis.
Opening bid: $10.
Venezia, 1980. 240x170 mm. Italian, 138 pages, 21 illustrations.
Gran Teatro La Fenice, Satie et ses amis Picasso, Cocteau, Massine: Mercure, La Belle Excentrique, Socrate (including French libretto), discography and articles by Ornella Volta.

Concert program: Satie.
Opening bid: $15.
Bratislava, Slovakia, 1995. 205x148 mm. English, 78 pages, 10 illustrations.
Includes citations by Erik Satie, Jean Cocteau, John Cage.
Articles by Daniel Matej, Francis Picabia, Michael Blake, Peter Graham,
Jaroslav Stastný, Martin Erdmann, Rollo H. Myers, Katarína Lakotová.
Very rare.

Teatro del l'Opera: Esoterik Satie (concert program).
Opening bid: $10.
Roma, 1980. 240x165 mm. Mostly in Italian, 70 pages, 80 illustrations.
Choreobiography in two scenes and a furnished interval by Lorca Massine.
Includes an article by Ornella Volta, Danzabile Satie.

Erik Satie a Honfleur 125e anniversaire.
Opening bid: $5.
Concert program. Honfleur, 1991. 298x210 mm. French, 16 pages,
11 illustrations.
Participants: Pascal Rogé and Anne Queffélec.
Catalogue by Archives Erik Satie with complete list of their
collection of portraits, manuscripts, autographs, documents,
videos and hommages by various artists.

Various Satie programs and leaflets.
Opening bid: $10.
All texts in French.
Concert programs:
- L'empire de dadi, Grand Théâtre, Paris, 1984. 8 pages.
- Sports & Divertissements, Theatre de la Huchette, Paris, 1987. 2 pages.
- Concert Erik Satie, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, 1989. 2 pages.
Exhibition programs:
- Naissance d'Erik Satie, Villa Arson, Cari, 1979. 12 pages, 20 illustrations.
- Satie et ses musiques, Dansmuseet, Stockholm, 1985. 8 pages.
- Satie illustre, Bibliothèque D.M. Georges Perec, Gagny, 1990. 2 pages.
- Le Groupe des Six et ses amis, Ville de Neuilly-sur-eine, 1990. 1 page.
- Satie illustré, Centre d'Anim. Cordier, Le Mée-sur-Seine, 1995. 4 pages.
- Ulrich Gumpert spielt frühe Klavierwerke, 1988?, 10 pages, 1 illustration.
Various leaflets:
- Calendrier perpétuel, Fondation Erik Satie, Paris, 1984.
- Le Placard, Fondation Erik Satie, Paris. Small card from the Satie museum.
- Le Fondation Erik Satie, Paris. Small card.
- Vincent Lajoinie: Erik Satie, leaflet about the author and his book, 1984.
- Description of Satie with a colour image and stamp with postmark, 1992.

Postcards and envelopes.
Opening bid: $10 for a mix of 20 postcards/envelopes.
Postcards: 153x108 mm. Envelopes: 93x165 mm.

Mark Thomson (montage): Satie à la manière de Franz Liszt:

(Montage): Satie en costume japonais (Toulouse-Lautrec), 1986:

Roland Topor: Vexations dans un placard, 1985:

Blanpain: La maison natale d'Erik Satie à Honfleur, 1984:

Collection envelopes of Honfleur, Arcueil etc.
Some with stamp with postmark.

Satie dans les Salons.
Opening bid: $5.
Neuilly-sur Seine, 1985. 225x200 mm. French, 16 pages, 7 illustrations.

Satie ieri e oggi (concert program).
Opening bid: $5.
Il Passato al futuro, La Fenice, Venezia, 1986. 242x172 mm.
Italian, 24 pages, 15 illustrations. Includes the following articles:
- Ornella Volta: Socrate
- Alexander Calder: La mia scenografia del Socrate di Satie
- John Cage: Perchè ho tolto la parola a Socrate
- Henri Sauguet: Nota sull'arrangiamento di John Cage del Socrate
- Erik Satie: Una lettera de Erik Satie al fratello Conrad
- Ornella Volta: Jack in the Box
- André Coeroy: Lo spettacolo immaginato de André Derain
- Ornella Volta: La Belle Excentrique
- Ornella Volta: Toutes petites Danses pour "Le Piège de Méduse"

Ornella Volta: Bibliographie raisonnée.
Opening bid: $10.
Mairie d'Arceuil, 1995. 287x200 mm. French, 52 pages, 48 illustrations.
Descriptions of
- published music sheets, from 1887 until 1995
- published writings and biographies, from 1888 until 1995
- published hommages, from 1916 until 1995
A treasure for every true Satie researcher and admirer!


Casino de Paris: Esoterik Satie (concert program).
Casino de Paris, 1982. 297x210 mm. French, 16 pages, 31 illustrations.
Very rare.

Ornella Volta: Variations Satie.
Caën, 2000. 230x185 mm.
French, 86 pages, many illustrations of high quality.

Stamp collection from 1992: Musiciens célébres.
Caesar Franck, Erik Satie, Florent Schmitt, Arthur Honegger,
Georges Auric and Germaine Tailleferre.

Olof Höjer: Erik Satie.
Malmö, 1983. 211x147 mm. Swedish, 20 pages, 12 illustrations.
Olof Höjer, known for his delicate piano collection series of
the works of Satie, is here in a very amusing and thoughtful
manner trying to explain Satie's personality behind some of the
mysterious works and sometimes peculiar behaviour.

Stamp collection with a description of Satie.
Caesar Franck, Erik Satie, Florent Schmitt, Arthur Honegger,
Georges Auric and Germaine Tailleferre.

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