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Teatro Miela

Since 1992, Teatro Miela in Trieste, Italy, celebrate Satie's birthday on May 17th every year. Musicians, dancers, artists, poets and others contribute on an ideal basis. This kind of Satie festival is unique and an opportunity for other Satie fans and arrangers worldwide to establish important contacts.

In 2001 the responsible for this event, Rosella Pisciotta, kindly sent me an invitation to participate and to inform the audience about this site and the new Robert Caby piano recording.

This year the birthday party started already the evening before with old quality films like Jean Cocteau's Le sand d'un poète (1932) and Man Ray's Les mystères du château de dé (1929), a piano performance by Aleksander Rojc and the starting of the complete performance of Vexations, this year performed by a Flash application on a webpage (see the link below).

Here are some pictures from the 2001 birthday party:

Some italian Satie fans celebrating at the Miela bar.

More Satie fans at the Miela bar.

Interesting Satie portrait by D. Severi.

Swiss couple who visit this festival every year.
The man to the right listened to the complete
Vexations performance (20 hours) in 1999.

Florian Kaplick, German conductor, pianist and
psychiatrist (!), preparing a Satie event in Germany
in 2002. Here enjoying the Satie festival.

Medea Ensemble, performing a jazz-pop version of Satie's Gymnopédie.

Artefetto, a dance ensemble, with a nice performance to the music of Satie.

Berimbau, a samba percussion orchestra, making the audience dancing to seducing rhythms.

Enzo Boeri, a frequent visitor of this festival
and also an important contributor to this site.

Aleksander Rojc, performing some works from his Satie & Lord Berners CD.
In the background a view of Trieste from the theatre's webcam.

Frédéric Caby, son of Robert Caby, who
joined me on stage, informing about the CD.


Teatro Miela
Vexations performance

This page was updated on May 20, 2001.