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Olof Höjer

Olof Höjer

Olof Höjer, born 1937, has long been praised for his intelligent interpretations, self-effacing musicality, and delicate touch. He has shown a particular interest in Swedish and French music - he made his breakthrough playing the complete piano music of Debussy - and is recognized as one of the finest interpreters of Erik Satie in our time.

He was educated in Stockholm; mainly by the Schnabel pupil Gottfrid Boon. Since his debut he has performed in Sweden and Europe, and made numerous radio and TV appearances.

He has also made several recordings, including music of Satie, Peterson-Berger and several other Swedish composers, both past and contemporary
(many of these available on the CD: "Among Friends").

In the late 1960's, Höjer discovered the music of Erik Satie when watching a French movie, a black-and-white with moods of rainy weather, where the first Gnossienne was continously played. It was the tremendous melancholy in the piano piece that made him interested.

Höjer, and 15 other pianists taking turns, performed with great success Satie's Vexations in Lund, Sweden, September 1987.

Olof Höjer

In 1992, the Swedish Government awarded Olof Höjer a 10 year artistic grant, allowing him to leave his post as a teacher at the Malmö College of Music and pursue a fulltime career as soloist.

One of Höjer's most recent recording projects is a complete recording of Satie's piano works comprising 6 CDs, distributed by Prophone Records, Stockholm, Sweden:
Le Gymnopédiste (1884-1890), The rosicrucian Music (1891-1895), The Velvet Gentleman (1896-1904), Musiques intimes et secrètes (1905-1912), Piano Pieces with Stories (1912-1915), Last Pieces (1903-1920 including piano duets).

Höjer's complete Satie recordings
Music samples (in streaming RealAudio):
Allegro (1884) | Vexations (1893) | Caresse (1897) | Petite Prélude... (1900)
Avant-dernières Pensées (1915) | La belle Excentrique (1920)
(More music samples available at Amazon's site)

Olof Höjer's latest project is a unique recording (the first and only ever made) of Robert Caby's piano works which will be available in a limited special edition. Information can be found here.

Contact information:

Olof Höjer
Vanåsgatan 23
S-216 20 Malmö

International: +46 40151762
Sweden: 040-151762