One of my fondest Satie memories is of a recital I attended in Boston about twenty years ago. It was an evening of music and poetry at which Jane Struss sang the Trois Melodies--the finest performance of these I have ever heard--and Lloyd Schwartz, the poet of the evening, read his English versions of the texts. Struss is a really superb singer, particularly of art songs, and also has the most expressive face; her "Ah!" in Dapheneo was unforgettable. It's a shame she hasn't recorded much (that I know of). But Lloyd's translations, which are really poems in themselves, are included in his book of poetry "Some People" (Wesleyen University Press, 1981).

A more recent Satie performance I also love, but that you might not know about, is a live jazz version of Gnossienne No. 1 by Arlen Asher (clarinet), Jerry Jensen (trumpet), David Parlato (bass) and John Trentacosta (drums), issued on a Zerx CD. It's a good, spare arrangement that keeps close to the spirit of the composition while expanding it with some fine improvising. It's the only Satie piece on a sampler of work by various folks on the New Mexico jazz, New Music and spoken word scene, all of it good. If you're interested in finding out about it you can contact Zerx at