May 17th 2003  is coming! On this day Bonawentura and Teatro Miela from Trieste (Italy) celebrate since 1992 Erik Satie's birthday in cooperation with Archives Erik Satie from Paris.
It's not a festival, no pompous celebration, it's only a date where many fans can meet and confirm with the presence the admiration for their  'cult'  artist, genial musician and misterious Maestro of the last century culture. His insights become part of the DNA of many composers and musicians.
This year there will be a special performance of  "Vieux  Sequins et vieilles Cuirasses", 1913, a rarely performed triptic, which in this occasion will be interpreted for the first time repeating 267 times the last musical phrase of the third part. The original manuscript seems to be lost and no comment by the author suggests a way to solve the mistery about the interpretation.
The performer will be pianist Aleksander Rojc accompanied by the dancer Olivia Maridjan-Koop, who will dance 267 times  the short final fragment. A little "vexation", an 'extreme' experience for the artists and for the spectators.
More curiosities: a "sonata for ticks...sheeps, dogs and other mammals" in the open air on the hill near Trieste.
Info: Teatro Miela  Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 3 - 34132 Trieste (Italy)
Tel. ++39 040 365119; fax: ++39 040 367817

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