Dear Satie lovers,

I have recently read somewhere that Satie had also written the 7th Gnossienne, but that it was actually called some other name. And then, I looked for it on the internet, and I had difficulties to find a CD or LP that includes it, probobly because it is not called Gnossienne 7. However, I found some mp3 version that is about 1 minute long. And that one minute was long enough to make a serious emotional impact on me, so strong, that I could not help crying... Never in my life have I ever heard something like that. Gnossienne generally is from an other time and place, it has a power to grab you and take you back to some ancient era before our time, lead you through ups and downs of an ancient civilisation, and than, Gnossienne 7 concludes with a tragical end, with echoes from...

than this minute mp3 stops!

I must find the whole piece, can anyone please please help?

Thank you very much!!