I dont know about the ABC Records' "Westminster Gold" reissue series, but I do have in my collection both the original Vangard Classics 2 Disc LP Release (VCS 10037/38) and the 1991 Omega Group Inc. CD reissue (OVC 4030).

Original Recording: May 1, 2, 1968 - Mormon Taburnacle, Salt Lake City Utah, USA

Original Cover Painting: by David Wilcox, after Picasso's design for curtain of original Paris production of Parade.

Seymour Solomon, Producer

Interestingly enough, Program notes were provided by Darius Milhaud, Les Six member and great personal friend of Erik Satie. Additional notes by S.W. Bennett.

I find these recording sessions not to represent the best interpretations of Satie's Orchestral works, but should be celebrated as the very first Complete Recordings of Satie's Ballets.74.1 Re:Strange Satie Manifestations Sat Mar 3 21:20:37 2001 Ennio Paola sigmuse@pathcom.com 0 0 0